It’s more important than ever to protect our eyes in a world full of computers. Here come Bluvys, the new blue light-filtering glasses that are meant to improve comfort and vision while lowering eye strain from screens. Bluvys looks like it will be a game-changer for people who play video games a lot, watch TV shows all at once, work from home, or spend a lot of time looking at screens.

But let’s be honest: these kinds of claims have been made before. What makes Bluvys different? Not only do these glasses block blue light, but they also have zoom built in to make your vision better. The goal is to make your eyes feel better and stop the long-term damage that computer screens do.
You might be thinking, “Do these glasses that block blue light really work?” Sure, that’s what we’re here to seek. Find out the answer by reading on!

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What do the Bluvys glasses do?

Bluvy’s glasses are a new way to deal with a new issue: the blue light that comes from our electronics all the time. What does this really mean, though? How do these glasses work? Let’s make it easy to understand.

Screens that give off blue light are something most of us look at for a big part of our day. The sun gives us a good amount of blue light, but the kind that comes from screens can be too strong and too much. This is where Bluvys comes in.

Bluvy’s glasses lenses are designed to protect eyes that spend a lot of time indoors, where blue-violet and LED light are present. How do they protect your eyes, though? The secret is that they can block out some parts of the blue light range.

These lenses are made to block 40% of blue light with a wavelength between 430 nm and 450 nm. You may be wondering what these numbers mean. To keep things simple, think of them as measures for the different shades of blue light. From 430 nm to 450 nm is where some of the worst blue light is found.

Bluvy’s glasses are even better because they block all 410 nm blue light. This is important to note because the most harmful blue light is in the 410 nm band. It’s the kind that can cause eye strain and could hurt our eyes if we look at it for a long time.

This means that when you wear Bluvys, you’re basically putting a screen over your eyes. This filter carefully cuts down on the harmful blue light that reaches your eyes without changing how clear your vision is overall. It’s like having a screen that lets good light through but blocks bad light.

But why do you want to block blue light? Researchers have found that too much of this kind of light can cause problems like headaches, eye strain, and even trouble sleeping. Bluvys wants to solve these issues by lowering your exposure to blue light, which can be damaging. This will make your time in front of a screen more comfortable and maybe even better for your health in the long run.

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What’s good about Bluvys

Eye strain and tired eyes can be painful because they make you feel bad and make it hard to concentrate. So, the Bluvys glasses have many benefits that will keep your eyes from getting tired from staring at a screen for long periods of time. Because these glasses block blue light, they keep your eyes from getting hurt by screen rays.

These glasses will help you in the following ways:

m Get rid of eye fatigue

It can be hard on your eyes and body to spend hours in front of a computer. Your eyes are always getting used to the brightness and blue light of a screen when you don’t wear glasses. This constant changing is what makes you tired. Bluvy glasses cut down on the blue light that gets into your eyes. This makes your eyes work less hard. This makes the screen more easy to use, especially for long periods of time.

Think about reading a book in bright light for hours on end. Your eyes would get tired eventually. In the same way, looking at screens without any safeguards can have the same effect. With Bluvy’s glasses, your screen time is more relaxing because they work like a dim light.

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Help with eyes that hurt and are dry

Bluvy glasses can help with sore and dry eyes as well as making your eyes less tired. This benefit is especially important for people who get sore after staring at a screen for a long time. Some things that can cause dry and sore eyes are not blinking enough (which happens a lot when we stare at screens) and being in air cooling or heating for a long time.

By cutting down on glare and blocking out the sharp parts of blue light, these glasses help you blink more naturally. This is very important because blinking keeps your eyes from drying out by spreading water around them. Also, lowering the brightness of the light can help your eyes feel better.

Get rid of blurred vision

People often have blurred vision because their eyes are so tired and strained from looking on a digital screen all the time. Bluvy’s glasses are very important because they help to improve this problem. A part of the glasses makes the picture a little bigger, which makes it easier for your eyes to focus. This can make what you see a lot clearer by lowering the blurriness that comes from tired eyes.

Bluvy’s glasses make the things on your screen look bigger and better, so your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus. This is especially helpful if you have to squint or have trouble reading words on screens.

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Get rid of headaches

A lot of people who spend a lot of time in front of computers complain about getting headaches all the time. The blue light these gadgets give off is often to blame. This light can hurt your eyes and give you headaches. Bluvy’s glasses block out some of this blue light, which helps with these headaches.

This is how it works: the glasses help lessen the main cause of these headaches by blocking the blue light that strains the eyes. Headaches are much less likely to happen when your eyes are not under a lot of stress. It’s kind of like turning down the loud music that’s giving you a headache. Bluvy glasses do the same thing for blue light.

Better quality of sleep

One effect of too much computer time that isn’t as well known but is still important is that it can make sleep worse, especially right before bed. Screens give off blue light that can mess up our normal sleep patterns. Bluvy’s glasses can really help here. By blocking some of this blue light, especially at night, these glasses can help your sleep cycle stay in sync with its natural rhythm.

Melatonin is a hormone that tells our bodies it’s time to sleep. Blue light stops our bodies from making it. If you use a computer or phone at night while wearing Bluvy glasses, you’ll be less exposed to this blue light.

Get Over Being Tired

Being in front of screens all the time can also make you feel tired. Bluvys glasses can help you get over this tiredness by easing the strain on your eyes, which is a major cause of tiredness in general.

Feeling tired can happen when your eyes have to work hard to focus on screens, especially in bright light or for long amounts of time. By lowering the strain with these glasses, you’re not only giving your eyes a break, although you might also feel less tired overall.

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FAQs About Blues Eyeglasses

Question: Can Bluvy glasses be used with contacts?

A. Yes, prescription lenses can be put in Bluvy glasses. This makes them a flexible choice for people who need to fix their vision and block blue light at the same time. Having them is like having regular glasses, but they also block blue light.

Q: Can anyone wear these glasses, or are they just for people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen?

A. Bluvy glasses are great for people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen, but anyone can wear them. Sometimes, just a little time in front of a screen can hurt your eyes. These glasses can help protect them from blue light.

Q: Will the Bluvys glasses change the screen’s color when I wear them?

A. Bluvy’s glasses might make it a little harder to see colors on your screen, but it’s usually not that noticeable. The main job is to block blue light, so the change in color is a small price to pay for less eye pain.

Your eyes deserve the best, so pick Bluvys and see the difference!

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Bluvy’s Eyeglass Prices

  • It costs $39.95 to ship one pair of Bluvys glasses.
  • Get two Bluvys glasses for $34.95 each plus free shipping for $69.95
  • For $99, you can get three Bluvy glasses for $33.31 each plus free shipping.
  • Four Bluvys glasses for $129.95, each $32.49, plus free shipping

All Bluvys come with a money-back promise for 30 days. Customers can call customer service at

Call 1-800-457-1310 or email

A Look at the Bluvys

When you’re stuck in front of a screen, Bluvy’s glasses can help. Yes, they won’t magically fix all eye problems, but they do protect against blue light, which can be very helpful. They hope that blocking some blue light will help with headaches, eye strain, sleep, and making time spent in front of a screen more enjoyable.

Are they the best solution?

Could be. But for people who stare at screens for long periods of time, these glasses might be a good way to take better care of their eyes.

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