You might have to pay a lot to protect your business or property like a pro.

It doesn’t come cheap to set up a network of professional-grade protection gear. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a security system that covers the whole room and has high-tech features like colour night vision, smart human recognition, and real-time alerts.

Defender is for those of us who want a high-end option that won’t break the bank. This Canadian security company wants to connect people who need help with their security with professionals who can do the job. So far, they’ve been pretty good at this.

Tip: Don’t stress if you’re not sure how to figure out what kind of camera you need. This is a helpful guide we made on how to buy security cameras.

Defender does skimp on some things to keep its prices low, but I never felt like it was missing something. A company that says “we’ll give you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t”

Let’s quickly look at what’s good and bad about Defender.

  • Pros and cons of Defender Cameras
  • PROS
  • Resolution that is crystal clear
  • Storage space nearby
  • Lots of ways to bundle
  • A number of PoE choices
  • Options without the internet
  • No need to subscribe CONS
  • There are no battery- or solar-powered types.
  • Not many extra features
  • It can be hard to find exactly what you need.
  • A Look at Defender Security Cameras

Defender’s values are deeply rooted in its history. In 1999, the founder of the company, a man named Raj, ran an electronics shop in Niagara Falls, Canada. He locked up one night, and the next morning, several hundred thousand dollars worth of goods were taken from his building. Gone.

Tip: Don’t believe it could happen to you? Try again. Every 26 seconds in the U.S., someone breaks in.

When he called local security companies, they told him that their techs would have to install a basic professional system, which would cost more than $10,000.

He turned his anger into the idea for Defender, a company that sells professional-grade gear at prices that regular people can afford. He wanted people to be able to set up and run the systems themselves without having to spend all their retirement savings.

Let’s look more closely at Defender’s gear now that you know more about it.

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Safety Cameras

Defender’s products are a bit hard to understand at first look. There are a lot of deals and bundles to choose from on the service provider’s website. It’s simple to feel too much. Defender does have three cams, though, once you get your bearings. They are the Sentinel, the Guard, and the Phoenix.

Guard Sentinel 4K Wired Guard Sentinel 4K Defender Guard Sentinel 4K

The Sentinel, Defender’s most popular device, comes in two different types: NVR and DVR. The difference only affects how the cams record and not how they work. A digital video recorder (DVR) processes data at the camera, while a network video recorder (NVR) compresses and processes data at the camera before sending it to the recorder. It’s not necessary to go into too much detail here. It doesn’t really make a difference in how well they work; it depends on your wants and present setup.2

Tip: Both DVR and NVR are “traditional” ways to record from a security camera. Since your video is saved locally, you’ll always have access to it and never have to pay a fee for storage or a subscription. They cost a little more at first, but they might save you money in the long run, especially if you have more than one camera.

There are many great things about both models of the Sentinel, such as:

  • Resolution of 4K
  • Smart recognition of people
  • Connection via PoE
  • 1P66 grade for weather
  • Recording of sound
  • Viewing from a mobile device
  • Locking up data

Allow us to talk about the 4K quality. 1080p, which has 1920 x 1080 pixels, is the current standard in the business world. A 4K video, on the other hand, has 3840 x 2160 pixels.3 To put it simply: 4K is like a sign, 1080p is like a poster.

For as little as $429, you can get four cams and a DVR recording station. It will cost you $437 if you choose NVR. Any way you look at it, the Sentinel is the best thing Defender has to offer.

Defence Guard 2K Pro 2K Wi-Fi Guard

Defence Line 2K Pro

The Guard is a great camera for people who want something a little less powerful than the Sentinel, but it’s still very good. The guard comes in two different styles: the regular and the pro.

Guard 2K vs. Guard 2k Pro: Guard 2K Wi-Fi Camera Guard 2K Wi-Fi Guard Pro 2K Wi-Fi HD video recordingYes, sure

  • Talking both ways No Yes
  • Yes Yes Motion detection Yes Yes Human detectionNo Sure
  • Attention No Yes
  • Warning soundNo Sure

Seeing at nightWhite and blackStore Colour18 hours 36 hours Price From $40 To $126
The Guard is good in both forms, and based on how you use them, they may be all the protection you need.

  • Now we get to the last camera Defender has to offer. This one is pretty cool.
  • Phoenix Defender Without Wi-Fi Phoenix Without Wi-Fi
  • The Defender Phoenix Without Wi-Fi

The Phoenix doesn’t need any kind of internet to work, as the name suggests. It’s time to go old school. The Phoenix is a great choice if you’re scared that your system will go down if your ISP goes down.

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about power outages, you might want to add some battery-powered tools to your security camera network to make it stronger. Defender doesn’t have any, so you might want to read our review of Ring. It’s one of the most flexible companies in its field.

But “old school” really does mean “old school.” It doesn’t have any really cool features, other than the ability to talk back and forth. You won’t be able to get fine details with this camera because its resolution is only 640 x 480.

Still, being able to run without internet can be useful, especially in commercial places that are far away, like marinas and scrap yards. Phoenix works great when it’s used in the right way. There are also deals with two cameras that start at just $285.

Now that you know about each Defender camera, let’s talk about the rest of the company’s goods.

The Good About Defender Cameras

Defender has these things I like about it:

It’s not expensive. The right number of cameras can definitely be used to protect a big business or property.

The picture quality is good. The Sentinel’s 4K resolution and the Guard’s 2K resolution are everything they’re cracked up to be.

Defender’s own system is called “ClearVu,” and I agree with that name. When everything is perfect, the picture is very clear. We won’t talk about the Phoenix, though, because it doesn’t have a good ending.

It can be changed in great ways. Defender has a lot of different packages that you can change to fit your needs. You can also get pretty good help from the company’s customer service team if you’re not sure what you need.

Defence does a great job of what it does right. But we need to see the other side of the coin. Now for the bad.

When it comes to Defender cameras, the Bad Defender sometimes really hits it out of the park and other times… This is what I didn’t like:

Its cams all have pretty small fields of view. The Sentinel, which is the best choice, can only see 75 degrees in any direction. That means you need a lot of Sentinels to see the same area as a wide-angle camera. You can look at our review of the Arlo 3 as a guide. Two Sentinels are needed to see what one Arlo records.

There are reviews online that say Defender’s technology doesn’t work right. I say that, though, with a lot of fear. Not many people take the time to write a great review of a product. When something really goes wrong, most people go to their computer. So don’t believe everything you read.
We talked about each camera separately, and I gave you a big-picture view of what I think about the gear. One of the most important things to think about with any security system is how much it costs.

How much do Defender security cameras cost?

That Defender cams are so cheap is one of the best things about them.

How Much Does Defender Cost?

Video Recorder Sentinel DVR Guard Pro Phoenix Starter kit$429 for 4 cameras$437 for 4 cameras$40 for one camera$126 for one camera$285 for two cameras
Kit for beginners$497 for four cameras and their parts$625 for 6 cameras$70 (2 pack)$228 (2 pack)$399 for 3 cameras
A big kit$805 for eight cameras and gear$1,364 (16 cams) — $415$493 for 4 cameras

All of them make sense, as you can see. Defender isn’t as cheap as, say, Yi, but it’s still pretty reasonable. In case you couldn’t tell from the chart, buying more than one camera kit really saves you money.

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Putting Defender Together

Defender really shines here. These deals are hard to beat if you want to buy more than one camera. I can’t think of another company that charges less than $1,000 for 16 cams. On a good day, maybe Lorex? There are often a lot of sales at Lorex, but it’s hard to tell when the bundle you want will be heavily discounted.

Keep an eye on Defender’s sale area for more ways to save money. Defender has been on our radar for a while now, and it seems like every week a new pack or accessory goes on sale. You can also get Defender on Black Friday. There is a sale going on right now where you can get 35% off everything on the site. Even though many of these cameras are already very cheap, that’s a big deal.

Tip: If you want to find more ways to save money, go to Defender’s website and look in the “Open Box” area. You can get these gently used pieces of tools for very low prices.

That’s all you need to know about Defender. We talked about how much it costs, what it has, how it works, and its pros and cons. Now all that’s left is to bring it all home.

Finally, some thoughts on Defender

The idea behind Defender was to offer skilled services at low costs. The company does a lot of things right. The features it has are great, the tools it comes with is good, and the prices are nice. It’s not easy to find fault.

However, I’m not sure if I want to give it my full advice because I’ve read a lot of bad reviews and some of its equipment has technical problems. But Defender is a great choice if you want to protect your home or business without spending a lot of money.

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