For a do-it-yourself project or repair job to be done right, exact measures are needed. If you need to change the size of your dress or fix your drawers, you can’t do the job without it.

You likely know how important a tape measure is and have some problems with the one you have if you like to work on projects.

Maybe the tape gets twisted, isn’t long enough, won’t stay in place, doesn’t read correctly, or is too big to fit in your pocket. If your job requires you to use a tape measure a lot, you should get a measuring tool that makes the job easier and faster.

Read this whole article to find out how Easy Tape makes it easy to measure things.

What does Easy Tape do?

Easy Tape is a smart digital tape measure that makes it easier to measure the length of any surface. If you have ever used a regular tape measure, you know how frustrating it is that the results aren’t always the same. To be sure, you should measure the same area three times.

The people who made Easy Tape wanted to change that story. Just like its name says, Easy Tape is easy to use and gets the job done quickly. The amount of accuracy this tool shows is why people keep using it.

The digital measuring tape is a round, palm-sized tool with a battery that can be charged and a screen for exact measurements. You can carry it in your pocket, and it’s accurate enough to measure any surface, whether it’s flat, round, wave-like, or something else.

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Measurement Range Stand Out

You don’t have to stack different tapes to cover the distance when you can get an Easy Tape. It can be used to measure both short and long distances and remembers the last measurement you took so you only have to do it once. The total distance that Easy Tape can measure is up to 324.8 inches. There are measure tapes that are longer than 60 inches, but most are between 60 and 60 inches. You can also see up to 10 readings from the past in your history.

The Truth

Easy Tape is accurate to the millimeter. With a regular tape measure, there is room for error. The Easy Tape, on the other hand, uses all of its technology to give exact readings. When working on some projects, it takes away the need to guess because it measures the area to the very last millimeter.

  • Simple Tape
  • LCD Screen

You don’t have to carry around a strip of paper and pencil that you might lose when you use Easy Tape. A clear 1.8-inch VA LCD screen shows what it finds. It is hard to miss or get mixed up with the number because it is written in big, clear letters. This is not the case with a used metal tape measure.

With You

Every measurement matters when you are deep in a job. To keep track of your changes, a portable tape measure is helpful. This will help you finish your job on time. A round piece of Easy Tape that is small enough to fit in any bag and is easy to move around. It is easy to grab and go, so you don’t have to fuss with putting away the jumbled regular tape measure before you leave.

Can be charged

This tool isn’t just a one-time thing. After a few uses, you don’t have to throw it away. You can instead charge it when it gets low and then measure again. This will also save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy as many tape measures. Plus, this gadget has a microchip that uses very little power, so you can use it for longer on a single charge.

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How to Use Simple Tape

It’s simple to use easy tape. Most measurements can be taken without having to ask someone to hold your tape measure or double-check your work.

Start rolling the device from one end of the cloth to the other until you reach the end of the Easy Tape. It’s that simple: the LCD screen will show an exact reading.

Easy Functions for Tape

The makers of Easy Tape say that it can do ten different things. Here are some things that your Easy Tape should be able to do.

  • Record of past measurements
  • Measurement along a straight line
  • Different ways of measuring the surface
  • Measurement in rounds
  • Measurement of cylindrical diameter
  • Measurement of any curve
  • Adding up or taking away
  • Reviews from Customers

People who have bought the product can write reviews about it online. Easy Tape’s main website also has some great 5-star reviews that show why you need to have it in your toolbox. Over 1822 real 5-star reviews have been left. Every review says that Easy Tape changes the way people do things on their own. A lot of people love how accurate it is, how easy it is to use, and how movable it is. There is no mess of tape that gets tied up or trying to keep the tape in place, which are both tough tasks.

Read honest opinions about Easy Tape here!

Shipping and Money Back

Within 48 hours, the company ships out orders. After you order, you should get your EasyTape in 5 to 7 days. You can also get your money back from the company within 30 days of buying something. You can always return the job if you’re not happy with it. Get in touch with their customer service to make sure you meet all of their requirements for a return.

FAQs: Q. Does Easy Tape really measure things correctly?

A. Yes, Easy Tape can measure things correctly all the way down to the millimeter. Many clients have liked how accurate it is and used it in their projects.

Q: Does Easy Tape keep track of the measurements I make?

A. Yes, Easy Tape does keep track of the units you’ve used. Easy Tape keeps track of all the measurements you make on up to ten different surfaces, so you can check your work afterward.

Q: How does Easy Tape really measure things?

A. Picture Easy Tape as a wheel. It will track how far you’ve gone as you roll it across the surface.

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How long will people have to wait to get their Easy Tape?

A. You won’t have to wait very long. It takes the company 48 hours to process orders, and you’ll get your package 5–7 days after it ships. Even though there is a wait time, we strongly suggest that you buy from the main website. You won’t have to buy a cheap copy this way.

Buy the Simple Tape.

Easy Tape’s main website is where people can buy it. Let’s say you are a professional or a hobbyist who likes to work on projects around the house and would rather have an accurate, portable, and rechargeable measure tool than a regular one. The Easy Tape is a great tool to have on hand in that case. Here are the prices:

  • One Simple Tape $49.99 plus $4.99 for shipping Two Easy Tapes $44.99 each plus $4.99 for shipping
  • Three Simple Tapes $39.99 each plus $4.99 for shipping
  • Get three easy tapes and a spy bulb camera. $34.99 each plus $4.99 for shipping
  • Get two spy bulb cameras and three easy tapes. $29.99 each plus $4.99 for shipping

When you buy something from the Ohio-based Easy Tape company, you have 30 days to get your money back. The company in the United States can be reached by phone at or by email at

Send email to

Call (603) 696 3293

In conclusion

We’ve told you several good reasons to get Easy Tape. It’s great if you’re handy and like to build or fix things around your home. It’s also great if you don’t know how to read a tape measure because it does the work for you.

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