The step-by-step book Final hunger: How To Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While The World Starves will help you and your family stay alive and be safe during the next big hunger.

Final Famine is only available online at It has a bunch of tricks, tips, and secrets that will help you keep your family “fat and happy” no matter what happens.

What will Final Famine teach you? How real is Final Famine? In our study, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Final Famine right now.

What is the Last Famine?

One of Teddy Daniels’s books is called Final Famine: How to Keep Your Family Fat and Happy While the World Starves. Daniels is a former police officer and retired Army soldier.

According to Teddy, China is getting ready to use an energy weapon against the US soon. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is the name of that weapon. It will quickly shut down all electronics and communication in the United States, causing widespread chaos and hunger.

To make things even worse, China has already bought farms all over the US, which will cause even more chaos in the days after the attack.

Ted says that Final Famine will help protect your family. You’ll learn how to protect your family, make your own “electroponics” home gardening system, and get ready for the coming hunger in Final hunger.

Final Famine can only be bought online at It costs $67 and comes with a 60-day money-back promise.

Last Famine Pros and Cons

Final hunger by Teddy Daniels is a book that can help anyone protect themselves and their family from unplanned events like the hunger that is coming to the United States because of China.

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Some good things about Final Famine are:

What you can do right now, step by step, to get ready for the Final Famine
How to quickly and easily put together your own electroponics home growing system, even if you’ve never grown plants before and have never built anything before.

How to make sure your family is fed without depending on the US food supply, which is getting worse.
According to Teddy’s smart sources, a Chinese war on the United States is about to happen.
An eBook that you can read on any device

There is a 60-day money-back promise.

What Will Final Famine Teach You?

Final Famine is a step-by-step survival guide that you can use to get ready for any unplanned event, in this case a government-caused famine.

Ted says he has information about a secret plan by the Chinese government to attack the United States. Teddy says that the Chinese government is going to attack the US power grid soon, which will lead to widespread chaos and famine.

Ted says the attack could happen today, next week, next month, or even next year. It’s about to happen, and Teddy says the attack is almost certain to happen.

Even worse, the Chinese government has been buying farms in the US without anyone knowing. The Chinese government is able to buy farms through shell companies, even though people try to stop them. Teddy says that China will use farms in the United States to make the crisis and famine worse.

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Why does China want to attack the US and start the “Final Famine”?

The simple idea behind The Final Famine eBook is that China is going to attack the US with an EMP, which will lead to widespread fear and famine.

For what reason does China want to attack the US? The US has information that an attack is about to happen, so why isn’t the country doing anything about it? Is there really going to be an attack?

Ted says that the Chinese attack on the US is part of a much bigger plan hatched by Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Chinese-American spies, leaders who support China, and the Chinese Communist Party itself.

Bill Gates, for example, owns more land than anyone else in the United States. He has about 270,000 acres spread out over dozens of states. In Ted’s opinion, the fact that Bill Gates owns farmland that can be used for farming will play a part in the coming problem.

At the same time, the Chinese government is either buying or trying to buy farms all over the US. China can’t buy land in the US directly, but they do buy land through fake companies. They are based in different countries, but they use Chinese currency and have ties to the Chinese government.

At some point in the future, the Chinese government will fire an EMP that will destroy electronics all over the US and cause a lot of chaos. This will start the Final Famine.

What does an EMP mean? Is China really going to use an EMP to attack the US and make a famine?
Teddy says he just found out that China is planning to use an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon to attack the United States.

When an EMP device goes off, it sends out a pulse of energy that can destroy all electronics. That pulse of energy makes an electromagnetic field that short-circuits all electronics in its path. This includes phones, computers, power plants, planes, and any other electronics.

A single EMP attack from China would be enough to damage technology all over the US. Instead, one EMP could damage most of the country’s electronics. If a 1.4-megaton bomb were dropped 250 miles above Kansas, the Washington State Department of Health says it “would destroy most of the electronics that were not protected in the entire continental United States.”

In 1962, the US tested a 1.4-megaton nuclear bomb 250 miles above Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean. This is proof. On Oahu and other Hawaiian Islands 800 miles away, that bomb blew out streetlights and fuse boxes.

Ted’s sources in the intelligence community say that China is going to attack the US in a similar way soon.

In Final Famine, you can make your own “electroponics” device!

Bill HR 7892 aims to lessen the influence of China.

The United States should do something about China’s plans for the country, but it isn’t. The United States has information that an attack is about to happen. So why isn’t the country taking action?

Teddy said that the United States is passing a bill called HR 7892 to fight back. But some American lawmakers are fighting against the bill because Teddy thinks they are friendly with China or are compromised spies working for China.

With bill HR 7892 and other laws, America is fighting back in these ways:

The United States is aware that China is becoming more powerful. A bill called HR 7892 was introduced by politicians to try to lessen China’s impact in the United States.

HR 7892 was first introduced in 2022 and has now been through several meetings. The bill is still in place.

People with ties to the Chinese government would not be able to buy farmland in the US under Bill HR 7892. There is a famine coming, Teddy says, and the Chinese government is buying land all over America to make it worse.

It’s still possible for the Chinese government to buy land in the US, even though HR 7892 is trying to stop it. For example, to buy land in secret, they use shell companies set up in different countries.

Teddy also says that some leaders are to blame for the delay in HR 7892. He really doesn’t like Grace Meng, a congresswoman from New York. Teddy doesn’t say that Grace Meng is a Chinese government spy, but he does say that Grace, who was born in the US, has shady family ties to the Chinese government. The people who raised Grace came to the United States from Taiwan.

In the end, bills like HR 7892 are used by some parts of the US government to fight back against Chinese power. However, China has more time to buy land across the US if the bill is put off for longer.

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Things that Final Famine Talks About

A big part of Final Famine is about how to build a “electroponics” system for home gardening that you can put in a closet, your lawn, your deck or other small spaces.

With this electroponics home gardening method, you can grow your own tasty and healthy food at home instead of depending on the US food supply, which is in bad shape.

These are some of the things that Final Famine talks about:

Here are some steps you can take right now to get ready for the Chinese EMP attack on the United States that is likely to happen soon.
How to make your own electroponic system that can be used anywhere to grow more food faster. It tells you how to make your own electroponics setup at home, step by step. This method can be put together by anyone, even if they have never gardened or put anything together before.

There are three popular foods that are about to become too expensive for most Americans to buy. If you want to save money, you should stock up on and freeze these foods now, before the prices go through the roof.

All famines have one thing in common, and if you know what it is, you can be the leader of your neighbourhood when things go bad.
Find out what you need to stay hydrated in a situation and how to get an endless supply of water at home with just a garden hose and a bucket. You get a step-by-step guide that shows you how to build this safe water system.

How to feed your family healthy food to keep them energetic and happy while the rest of the world goes hungry while America falls apart around them.

Why following this guide today can keep you and your family from having to wait in government bread lines or fight with your neighbours for food scraps when there is a crisis.

How you can cut your food costs right now, before something bad happens, and also get ready for the unexpected.
How to stay safe and happy during a six-month famine. Ted Daniels says that the US government is quietly getting ready for the next famine to last six months. This is why you should be ready for the worst that could happen.

It’s possible to have an endless supply of tasty, healthy food, even though millions of Americans are dying of hunger.
A way for anyone to protect their family, even if they have never used a gun or other tool before.

  • How to keep your food supply hidden so that your items, food, and money don’t get taken by hungry neighbours.
  • Get ready! Find ways to stay alive in Final Famine!
  • How to Make Your Own Electroponics System to Grow Food All the Time
  • An important part of the Final Famine eBook is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own electroponic device.

You can learn how to make your own electroponics planting system and grow an endless supply of food in your backyard, even if you have never gardened before and aren’t very handy.

  • Teddy says that gardening with gadgets can help you:
  • You can grow food faster than with traditional gardens.
  • You can grow a lot of food in small areas, like closets.
  • You can grow food inside or outside.
  • Set up your own garden in any space, like an apartment, house, building, or anything else.
  • What does “electroponics” mean? Can anyone grow their own food at home, no matter how much room they have?
  • “Electroponics” is not a word that is often used in gardening. It looks like Teddy came up with the phrase himself, which is fine.

Most people call electroponics “electroculture gardening.” This type of gardening uses technology to help plants grow. Studies have shown that some plants produce more when they are stirred with electricity.

For example, a study in Nature looked at how electric pea plants were different from regular pea plants. Pea seeds that were electrified grew faster and made more peas than pea plants that were not electrified.

This is what Teddy’s electroponics method is based on. You can give plants electricity at home to help them grow and make more food, so you can have food all the time.

Putting together your own electroponics system at home doesn’t require any knowledge of electricity, farming, or building. In Final Famine, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.

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  • Get The Red Dragon Report as a free bonus ebook
  • Because it’s 2023, Ted is giving away a free eBook called The Red Dragon Report with every copy of Final Famine.
  • Ted doesn’t like China. He says that officials in the US, like Grace Meng, are friendly with China, and that this is threatening US security.

Ted says he has gotten intelligence reports that give more information about China’s plan to attack the United States. These reports can be found in The Red Dragon Report.

Some of the things that The Red Dragon Report talks about are:

Everything you need to know about China’s plan to attack the US, such as how an EMP works, when China will attack, and what to expect in the days before and after the attack.

If China wants to destroy America’s power grid, they will use an EMP. This is because America’s power grid is very vulnerable to an EMP attack.

When China launches its EMP attack, you need to cover all of your gadgets with this strange copper blanket.

For what reason China wants to buy farms all over the US, and what they plan to do with it.

The spy in your bedroom: or, how the Chinese government does things like steal from banks and steal things from people’s homes.

This “radio” from the 1980s will permanently block Chinese monitoring, so the Chinese government can’t keep an eye on you.

Because Ted Daniels says China wants to build “concentration camps for Christians,” it’s even more important to fight back against China right now.

Why do you need to stop eating at Chinese places right away? Ted says they serve dog meat that looks like beef.

The Red Dragon Report tells you everything you need to know about China’s plan to attack the US. Ted talks about what will happen during the attack and how it will work. He also says that the Chinese government is a bad power that needs to be stopped.

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Last Famine Prices

Final Famine costs $67 all at once. When you buy something, you get Final Famine and The Red Dragon Report as a free extra eBook. It’s free to ship.

When you order online today, these prices work:

67 bucks for Final Famine and The Red Dragon Report

Ted says he doesn’t care about money and that he wanted to give Final Famine away for free at first. He charges more, though, because it costs money to host and keep his website live, which is getting harder to do since he started attacking Chinese and US government officials.

Also, Ted and his team made Final Famine as an eBook on purpose so that it would be easy to share. You don’t get a hard copy of Final Famine; you get an eBook, also called a PDF. You can print the eBook out and read it on any platform.

On the Final Famine pay page, there are two more upsells that can help you stay alive. These deals include:

The Survival Seed Vault is a box of seeds that you can use to start your own garden in case of an emergency. It costs $39. You get only American-made unique seeds. Additionally, you can plant the seeds again and again, providing you and your family with a never-ending source of food. You can stay healthy and busy with the seeds in the Survival Seed Vault even if America’s food supply goes down. Each Survival Seed Vault has 20 different kinds of fruits and veggies stored in resealable mylar bags for long-term use.

The Final Famine Bug Out Bag costs $179 and has more than 60 emergency items that you can use in case something bad happens. You get 2400-calorie ration bars, emergency water pouches, important first aid supplies, a motion sensor-activated light (to protect your home and find intruders), a commando saw, an Imafire pouch, a folding camp stove and other important tools you can use to get through the days after something unexpected happens, like a Chinese EMP attack on the US.

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Final Rules for Famine Refunds

There is a 60-day money-back promise on Final Famine. If you read Final Famine and are unhappy with it for any reason, you can get your money back in full, no questions asked.

Since Final Famine is an eBook, you don’t have to “return” anything to get your money back. To get your money back, just call the business. It’s what Ted calls his “never get hungry” promise.

About the author Ted Daniels

Ted Daniels used to be a police officer and is now retired from the US Army. Teddy became famous after video from his body camera showed him fighting the Taliban in the hills of Afghanistan while bravely taking enemy fire to help his team escape safely.

Ted put a bunch of survival guides, emergency food stores, and other things online today.

Teddy says he still has contacts in the US military and government that give him information. These contacts have told him that an attack on the country is about to happen. Because of this information, Teddy took action today to help other Americans.

Teddy has put his business on the market with the name Famine Fighter. The business is registered in Delaware.

The following ways can be used to get in touch with Famine Fighter and the Final Famine customer service team:

  • Call 1-844-842-9791
  • Send email to
  • Address for mail: 4023 Kennett Pike Ste 50405, Wilmington, DE 19807

Last Word

Final Famine is an eBook with a bunch of strategies, tips, and tricks you can use to depend less on the US food system.

As an example, you can learn how to set up your own “electroponics” system at home to grow food all the time and how to keep your family safe during the “final famine” approaching the United States.

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