The Fox V2 is one of the most well-known motocross helmets. It has a great price-to-quality ratio, and Fox has now chosen to make it even better with the 2020 version.

What’s different about this version from the last one? We will explain why it is one of the best helmets for motorcycles in its class.

One of the best helmets is the Fox V2 2020 MX.

In order to choose the right motocross helmet, you should make sure it is light, comfy, and lets a lot of air flow through it. If you like mud, you may have heard of Off-Road.

Why? Because we sweat like pigs when we do an Off-Road activity. Most of the time, we sweat a lot, and we need the helmet to protect us while also letting the heat we make escape.

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This is all done by the Fox V2 2020 helmet. The outer shell of this motorcycle helmet is made of molded polycarbonate, which is not fiber but is very light.

When it comes to airflow, this helmet has 11 air holes in the front and 4 air holes in the back to let hot air out. That makes it a great helmet for Off-Road.

The Fluid Inside safety system, which is made up of low viscosity oil and closed cell foam that acts like cerebral fluid to release energy in the event of an accident, is what sets it apart from other products on the market. This technology comes from the brand’s best helmets and gives you a lot of safety.


Similarly, the MVRS (Magnetic Visor Release System) is a feature that we used to only see on high-end helmets. It is a magnet system that Fox invented that makes it easy for the visor to come off in the event of an accident, so there are no cuts.

One difference between this version and the last one is that the chin bar has been modified to also absorb impact energy.

Getting into the details. If it’s important for a race helmet that the padding is soft, secure, and can be taken off and washed, it makes even more sense for a motorcycle helmet.

XT2 cloth, which is used for this padding, kills bacteria and smells bad and pulls moisture away from the skin.

Finally, there is a double buckle closing.

FOX V2 Murc Motocross Helmet - buy cheap ▷ FC-Moto

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If you like off-roading, is this helmet worth the money? We say “yes” because it’s a great helmet for the price. It has features we’ve seen in higher-end helmets before, as well as some new ones to keep in mind. Especially the system for fluids inside.

As you know, Fox is a leader in this market, and this helmet lives up to that reputation. Also, why not say that? It comes in a huge number of images.

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