Over the years, earphones have given way to digital earbuds, but one thing has stayed the same: earbuds still block your ears. In some reports, hearing problems have also been seen as a trend that could finally lead to hearing loss. Too much and wrong use of earphones is to blame. So, tech companies are working hard to make new ways for us to enjoy music and other sounds without hurting our ears. Because of this, Bone Conduction Technology was created as a safe, high-quality, and cutting-edge alternative to earphones. The Inductivv brand of headphones, which uses bone conduction technology, is one of the first of these types.

What Does Inductive Headphone Mean?

The inductivv headphones are state-of-the-art technology that makes good use of a new idea. You might be thinking if there’s anything else you can do besides using headphones or earphones to listen. This kind of headphones has amazed many, and you’re probably one of them.

It is a known fact that you put buds into your ear canal to listen to music. You can move around while listening to music this way, but it can damage your ears. You don’t want to lose your hearing in your 30s or 40s because of loud music; that will make your life even worse.

It’s different from other hearing aids because it doesn’t go into your ear canal. Since it’s been done never before, it’s easy to doubt it. Because of this, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the Inductivv headphones are unique. You can listen to music with Inductivv while keeping your inner ear from being fried by loud audio sounds.

The Inductivv is a revolutionary earphone that sends sound through bone conduction. Even though it looks like something from a fairy tale, a lot of people have said that it works well and is of good quality. We’re going to talk about how the Inductivv headphones work in a bit.

As if the health perks weren’t enough, Inductivv looks good and is made well. Because it connects via Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about untangling wires while listening to music, and you can move around without having to take your main device.

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Here is the official website for the Inductrix headphones:

What the Inductivv headphones can do

To give you a satisfying and enjoyable experience, Inductivv headphones have a number of features that you can only find in high-end and expensive brands. With its unique idea and appealing appearance, Inductivv rules the market. Let’s look more closely at what this headphone has to offer.

Great Sound Quality: When it comes to headphones or earphones, sound quality is about half of the reason we picked a certain brand. You just need a pair of headphones that play music without bass that shakes or screeches.

If you look at Inductivv headphones at first glance, they might seem like any other headphones with average sound quality. But, like me, you’re about to go through something that will change your life. Aside from being loud, it also makes great sound, just like expensive brand speakers.

Bluetooth connection: These days, if a device is wireless, it almost always has Bluetooth connection, and the Inductivv headphones are no different. It works with everything you own to play music. But the people who made Inductivv didn’t just add any Bluetooth; they added Bluetooth 5.0. This is the newest version of Bluetooth. It will make connecting to devices easy and fast, and it will also help to send high-quality sound. Up to 10 meters away from your device, you can wear Inductivv and still be linked. You can do other things without having to carry around items like your phone.

Lightweight and portable: It might not seem like a problem to wear heavy headphones. But if you listen to music and videos all day, like I do, your ears will get tired. The people who made Inductivv thought about this and made it very light (only 4 grams). It won’t hurt your ears or make you tired if you wear it all day. You can also fold the speaker up and put it in your pocket when not in use. The music player can be worn around your neck when not in use.

Ideal Fit and Comfort: Even though our ears are slightly different, they all have similar structures. This is something that most cheap headphones and earphones don’t think about, which means they don’t fit right or even hurt. I, on the other hand, worked hard to make sure their earphones fit well and were comfy. They made an earphone that fits perfectly in your ear and doesn’t hurt or fall out. It really is a device for fun and comfort.

Long Battery Life: People who use wired earphones don’t need batteries, but people who use wireless gadgets do. A lot of wireless headphones need to be charged more than once a day in order to be used. Being like this can be annoying. Inductivv made an earphone with a battery that lasts a long time to solve this problem. It has a battery life of more than 5 hours before it dies. This means you can use the headphones for a long time before you need to charge them. One great thing about Inductivv is that its batteries last a long time.

Water-Splash Resistant IP55 Rating: Water is the enemy of most small electronics, like wireless headphones. They start to break down when they come in touch with water. They aren’t meant to be used near water, so this is why. Inductivv takes this into account. Even though you shouldn’t put it in the pool, the IP55 grade means that it can handle splashes of water. This only means that you won’t have to worry about your Inductivv headphones breaking if they get wet. They are resistant to water and sweat.

Here is the official website for the Inductrix headphones:

Durability: You don’t want to have to go back to the store for new headphones every few days. You want a pair that will last. That is what Inductivv gives you. It is made of luxury and high-quality materials, so this headphones is made to last to be tough.

LED Indicator Light: This light is on the anchor behind the right ear and lets you know when the headphones are in different modes. The LED light goes green to show that it is charging. A white light, on the other hand, means it’s fully charged. A white and green light flashes when the headphones are ready to pair.

On the Inductivv headphones, there is only one button that you can use. It is on the anchor behind your right ear. It can be used for different things depending on when and how you press it. It will turn on if you press and hold for three seconds. The screen will turn off if you press and hold. If you press the same button twice while listening to music, the song will either stop or play. To do the same thing during a call, press the button once to accept and then end the call. But you have to quickly double-press the button to turn down a call.

Design: The Inductivvv headphones have a great design that meets your needs for comfort and style. It’s shaped like a half-circle, and things stick out from the ends. The sound in this headphones is sent by the conduction pad, which is held up by these parts.

What does the set have?

  • 1 set of inductive headphones with silicone tips for cleanliness, safety, and comfort
  • Case for charging
  • 1 charging cord for micro-USB to USB-A
  • 1 small pair of plastic earbuds
  • 1 set of medium-sized plastic earbuds
  • 1 set of big silicone speakers
  • How to Use It
  • More on the warranty
  • What does the Inductivv kit come with?
  • High-quality silicone earbuds that are comfortable to wear. They come in sizes small, medium, and large for extra comfort.
  • TWS Wireless Stereo Donuts for Two
  • There are two mics.
  • Seals off water Grade of Waterproofing: IPX4
  • The newest Bluetooth 5.1 version, which doesn’t need to be charged,
  • It’s easy to pair and works with iOS, Android, and PC.
  • 10 m range for conversation
  • Just plug it into any USB port to charge fast.
  • Amazing sound range from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • No matter how low the kick drum is, the sounds are clear and crisp.
  • Reverb and a strong, deep base
  • It can be used for up to 60 hours or for 4.5 hours of talk and play.
  • Charge quickly in one hour
  • Call without using your hands
  • Here is the official website for the Inductrix headphones:
  • What does the Inductivv Headphone do?

For sure, this is the part you’ve been waiting for. To understand how this brand-new idea for an earphone is different from all the others you’ve used before. Okay, let’s do this.

Inductivv headphones work through bone conduction instead of air conduction, which is different from other headphones. That’s all there is to it. Inductivv sends sound to your cochlea through your bones instead of your ears. Isn’t it crazy?

When you plug the Inductivv headphones into your phone, two pads go over your ears and send vibrations. The bones around your ear (temporal bones) send the vibrations straight to the cochlea, which is the part of your ear that helps you hear. Most headphones send music through the ear drum by letting air flow through them. The ear drum will make the ear ossicles in your middle ear move, which will send the sound to your cochlea. That is a longer path with more chances to hurt your ears.

How To Put On An Inductive Headphone

One might think that it would be hard to use since it is a new concept gadget. That is not true at all. Like all headphones, this one is very easy to use. Let me show you how to do it in steps.

Step 1: Take the Inductivv headphones out of the box and charge them all the way up. This makes the battery last longer.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for three minutes to turn it on. A voice will let you know when it’s ready to pair.

Step 3: Find “available devices” in the Bluetooth settings on your device. Now, pick Inductivv from the list of devices you can pair. Write down any unique names that come with your Bluetooth.

Step 4: Place the induction pad on top of your ears and put on the headphones. That’s it. You are now ready to play loud music as much as you want.

Pros of Inductive Headphones

Keeps Ear Problems Away

Because more people use speakers and headphones these days, a huge number of people are having problems with their ears. The CDC says that about sixteen percent of Americans have problems with their ears. This is twice as common as diabetes and cancer. Think about it! Even though it might not seem like a big deal now, having ear problems later in life can make your life a lot worse. Imagine not being able to hear what’s going on around you or even your kids or grandkids calling your name. That’s really bad. But this is very likely to happen if you use headphones and speakers all the time. This issue can be fixed with Indictivv and its bone transmission idea. Damage to parts of the ear, like the ear drum and ossicles, can now lead to hearing problems like ringing and loss of hearing. These parts only work when air is moving through them. So, playing loud music will overwork these small parts of your ear, making you more likely to have problems like hearing loss, ear pain, and ringing. On the other hand, inductive sound goes straight to your inner ear through the bone, skipping all of those other parts. This makes it much less likely that you will have problems with your ears.

Makes things safer

You may have seen people almost get hit by a car because they couldn’t hear the horn because they were listening to music. In fact, researchgate did a study and found that in the last few years, pedestrians wearing headphones have been involved in up to 116 deaths or accidents. That makes me very worried. With the Inductivv headphones, you can listen to your favorite music or radio without worrying about getting hurt. It lets you hear what’s going on around you because the conduction pad is on top of your ear. This makes it easy to find and stay away from dangers.

Useful, comfy, and flexible

The Inductivv headphones are made to meet all of your needs when you listen to music and other things that have sound. The silicone coating on the conduction pads makes it very easy to use. This took away any worries about pressure spots or pain in the temporal bone. This device can connect to Bluetooth 5.0, so you can use it from up to 10 meters away in almost any way you want. It’s meant to work in any setting. You can wear it to listen to songs without much thought. People can also wear it to work to listen to talks and go to meetings. Any gadget that has Bluetooth can connect to it. That’s really cool.

  • Pros and Cons of Inductivv Headphones
  • Pros
  • Fully cordless and hands-free
  • Works with bone transmission
  • Beautiful design
  • Very good hearing quality
  • Long-lasting power source
  • Simple to use
  • Low-cost and offered at a discount
  • 30 days to get your money back
  • Cons
  • Their online shop is the only place to buy it.
  • Not much stock left
  • You may need some time to get used to it.

Where Can I Get Inductivv Headphones?

This review of the Inductivv headphones would be incomplete without a word of where to buy them. It is best to buy it from the company’s main website. This is done to make sure that the work is unique and that the person can get any deals or promotions. If you want to buy Inductivv headphones in a store, you shouldn’t because they are probably fakes.

FAQs about Inductivv headphones

Can I use Bluetooth with the Inductivv?

With these headphones, you can listen to music without using your hands. It can talk to Bluetooth 5.0 devices up to 10 meters away. This makes it easy to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you don’t have to keep reaching for your device.

  • Is it possible to use this Inductor headphone with an iPhone?
  • It’s true that the Inductivv earbuds work with any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Is it possible to get my money back?
  • Every customer who buys Inductivv headphones can get their money back within 30 days.
  • Can I find the Inductivv on the other websites?
  • The Inuctivv headphone with Bone Induction Technology can only be bought on the official website right now.
  • How long does it take for my bought Inductivv headphones to get to me?
  • Every order of Inductivv headphones ships quickly; it only takes 3–5 business days.

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