If you really like the well-known Gravity Weighted Blanket, which is meant to make you feel like you’re getting hugged, you might be interested in the creator’s newest creation, the Moon Pod.

John Fiorentino, an entrepreneur, redesigned the beanbag chair to look like flotation therapy. The goal of flotation therapy is to ease pressure and contact points in the body while floating. With its ultra-lightweight, super-dense beads, Moon Pod gives you a similar feeling of zero-gravity. People who have tried it say it’s the best beanbag chair they’ve ever had.

We were interested right away. To find out if the Moon Pod really lives up to the hype, we bought one for ourselves. I didn’t think my lower back would feel so much better while I was relaxing in my Moon Pod.

Find out everything you need to know about the one-of-a-kind cosmic chair below.

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  • What does Moon Pod mean?
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  • Mary Henn is a family handyman.

Moon Pod is a “float chair” that is made to support your body’s shape so you can be comfortable, rest, and feel less stressed.

You might be wondering what makes Moon Pod different from other beanbag chairs. It has high-density EPS beads inside, which are like the light beads used to make slime foam. The beads are meant to make you feel like you’re flying instead of sinking. While you sleep, Moon Pods can help ease back and neck pain since they can mould to your body.

Moon Pods are famous not only because they feel like clouds, but also because they are simple and stylish. You may remember the loud, colourful beanbag chairs you had as a kid. They were made of plastic and your legs would stick to them after sitting for too long. Moon Pod is made of soft, modern-colored fabric that feels like jersey. It can go with almost any style of decor.

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Features of the Moon Pod Product

Moon Pods are very light—they weigh only 12 pounds—and they only take up about 4 feet of floor room. It’s easy to move them from room to room or put them away in a closet when not in use.

Moon Pods can hold up to 300 pounds and last for many years. If your Moon Pod does start to sag or sink over time, you can contact customer service to get more beads added to the inner sleeve.

The outside shell can even be washed in a machine if kids or pets make a mess. (Phew!) There are also five colour options for Moon Pod: navy, charcoal, grey, light blue, and pale pink.

How We Tried It: The Inside of the Moon Pod MARY HENN/FAMILY HANDYMAN

As someone who has lower back pain all the time, I was both excited and skeptical when the big Moon Pod box showed up at my door. The box was incredibly light, so I carefully carried it upstairs and opened it. You shouldn’t use a knife or scissors to open the box because they can poke holes in the chair. The box has big, clear words that tell you this.

Moon Pod comes with its outer shell taken off, so the first thing you need to do is put the bag chair inside its cover. The sleeve is soft and stretchy. The material is so soft—it feels like jersey-knit sheets, but more like a peach.

It was nice to sit in the chair. The inner beads are thick enough to give me enough support, so I didn’t sink in as much as I thought I would. But the beads don’t feel like they’re shrinking when you’re on top of them. They move and squish enough to fit your shape.

MARY HENN/FAMILY HANDYMAN: A woman tests a moon pod

Moon Pod holds the shape of a chair when it’s propped up against a wall, so you can sit up straight with your back supported and without sinking. That’s a cool function that I haven’t seen on many other beanbag chairs.

Moon Pods do lie flat on the ground. I usually roll out of mine, but that makes them a little hard to get out of. They seem perfect for a child’s room or nursery, where parents want to be low to the ground to watch their baby play on the floor. Also, they work well in small rooms like study nooks under the stairs.

Pros: It’s cozy and supportive

  • The sleeve is made of very soft material.
  • It comes in 5 colours.
  • Cover, washed in a machine

You can buy sleeves separately to change the colour or take them off while cleaning. You can also buy an outdoor cover for your Moon Pod so you can use it on the patio or by the pool.

  • Customers can buy pillows and a chair.
  • Cons: EPS beads are good for the environment
  • Pricey, but less expensive than other popular beanbag chair names. Can be hard to get out of.
  • FAQ
  • blue moon pod
  • Mary Henn is a family handyman.

Are Moon Pods real?

We believe it! For lounging, they’re very cozy and would look great in a reading nook, basement, kid’s room, or outside. There is a Super Moon Pod, but I wish they were a little bigger. I do notice that my Moon Pod helps ease some tightness in my back, and I have chronic back pain.

What is the difference between a beanbag chair and a Moon Pod?

One big difference between Moon Pods and other beanbag chairs is that you can sit, lean back, and lie down on them. Plus, the high-density, high-friction EPS beads that make up Moon Pods make you feel like you have no weight or gravity.

►Visit The Official Website To Get Your Bottle Now◄

Can you get Moon Pods wet?

  • No. If you buy the outdoor cover, though, it won’t get wet and is simple to clean.
  • What Other People Thought About It
  • With more than 3,000 reviews on Moon Pod and Amazon, it’s clear that people (besides me) like the beanbag chairs.
  • Verified buyer Amy Wright says, “The monopod really does have no gravity.” I have the best help for my terrible back pain.”

Christy Novosel loves Moon Pod and gives it five stars. “As soon as we got our Moon Pod today, we placed orders for the seat, footrest, and another Moon Pod! “This is wonderful for people who have back or shoulder pain,” they write. “For the past year, I’ve been getting cortisone shots in my shoulder.” My shoulder hurts when I do anything hard. I loved this adult bean bag so much that I didn’t want to get up! Supports well and feels SO good…It was worth the cost!”

Samantha Blackburn writes, “Get ready to fight over who gets to use it.” “For our 8-year-old son’s birthday, we got him a Moon Pod, and he LOVES it. Our family actually fights over who gets to sit in it! It’s really comfy. What a great gift! Our daughter asked for one for her birthday and we are happy to give it to her. But I think you should get darker colours because the kids have already soiled the cover.

The Final Say

In general, I would suggest Moon Pods to anyone who wants movable, low-to-the-ground furniture that offers a lot of support. I’ll put mine somewhere cozy to read. I might also spend a lot of money on the outdoor cover so I can use my Moon Pod on cool summer mornings.

I might also buy a Moon Pod for adults to use in a nursery or a child’s room who is the right size and age.

Note: Babies and little kids should never be left alone near a beanbag chair, and kids should never be allowed to go under one because they could suffocate. Also, no child younger than 12 months old should ever be put to sleep on a foam chair.

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