If you updated your phone in the last few years, it should have a fingerprint lock ready to go. However, this option has not yet been added to most laptops and desktops. Because of this, these gadgets are more likely to be hacked. We have a way to keep your PC safe all the time. Find out how in our NanoSecure report.

NanoSecure is the best fingerprint security (50% off right now!)

People who have written reviews about the NanoSecure say that it is a great fingerprint reader. Get yours while the price drop lasts!

  • Article last changed on December 22, 2023.
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How does NanoSecure work?

You know how to use fingerprint unlock. These days, even the cheapest smartphones have this great security option built in. This feature is now on a lot of high-end computers as well. But let’s be honest. We don’t update our laptops as often as we do our phones.

The password you set up may be on your mind right now. It should be enough to keep you safe, right? Well, you might be safe if you’re lucky and your password is so strange that no one else can figure it out.

However, this makes it likely that you will forget this very long run of characters. You might want to write it down and keep it somewhere. But that goes against the whole point of having a secret password.

What are you going to do? It’s like NanoSecure. It looks like the Bluetooth dongles you may use for your wireless keyboard and mouse. Nano Secure does not have a flat back. Instead, it has a fingerprint reader.

It has a track record because it is FIDO U2F approved. It’s very easy to carry this very small gadget. You can carry it around with you by putting it on your keychain. It gives you peace of mind that no one can get to your desktop or notebook even when you’re not looking at it.

It is said that the NanoSecure scanner can scan in all directions. This is a fancy word for “it will recognize the pattern in less than a second no matter how you feel it.”


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Nano Secure’s Pros and Cons

At Digitogy, we’re always on the lookout for cool hardware that can make our work computers safer. We were really excited when we first heard about NanoSecure reviews. The laptops of our employees have been used to try it for months. Here are some of the perks we’ve seen because of all the features.

Review of nanosecure

The biometric lock

Biometric safety is the best kind of safety. Hackers can figure out any password if they have enough time. Your fingerprint is the only thing they can’t figure out. NanoSecure reviews are sure that it is the best protection tool for Windows computers.

Without fail

The Nano Secure will start working as soon as you put it into your laptop or desktop. The maker says that there is no need for a driver. Online reviews of NanoSecure, on the other hand, say that the driver downloads itself in the background.

Certified by FIDO U2F

The FIDO Alliance is one of the most well-known labels a company can have. It caught us off guard to learn that Nano Secure is FIDO U2F. This means the device is approved for Google, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, and other sites. On your desktop, you can use biometric unlock to get into your accounts!

Quick Recognition

The scanner that reads your fingerprint is very good. The machine can verify your fingerprint in less than a second.

Connectivity via USB

USB is one of the most widely used ways to connect devices. It’s in the name! There will always be at least one USB port on any laptop or PC you use.

Our NanoSecure review has the best price and a money-back guarantee.

You must be thinking how to buy this 360-degree protection device if you’re really interested in getting it. That’s why we’re here, then. We’ve worked out a deal with the maker of this biometric protection device to get you the best price.

  • Let us walk you through the trip.
  • Nano safe price
  • Choices for Payment

First, let’s talk about the most important part. To buy the item in the UK, you must have the correct payment method. The company that made this product takes Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards at the time that this review was written. It also takes GPay as an extra payment way.

You can always ask a family member or friend to pay for you if you don’t have any of these options. If that works best for you, you can give them cash.

Money-Back Promise

We don’t think it will happen, but you could change your mind after you buy it. There is no need to worry if that is the case. There is a 30-day money-back promise from the maker. You will get your money back in full, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

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The most important part of the NanoSecure reports is now here. How much is it? The price for this USB fingerprint reader right now is £178. But if you buy now, you won’t have to pay that much!

We were able to get you a 50% deal on your first order, which brings the total cost down to £89! Also, if you want to save even more money, just buy the pack of three. You’ll get two Nano Secure for free, and the whole thing only costs £267!

Discount codes

The coupon for the 50% price has already been used. You can get to the home page by clicking the button above. There is a limited time offer where you can get an extra 5% off on top of the coupon! We’re to blame.

  • Technical Sheet: How to Connect: USB
  • Compatible with: Windows
  • Key The biometric (fingerprint) unlock feature
  • LED for status indicator
  • Power tools: No review of nanosecure

How Do I Use The Nano Secure?

Given how advanced this gadget is, it’s normal to be worried about how to set it up and use it. We promise you that it’s going to be easy. You’re all set to go after reading these steps.

Take it out of the box. It’s ready to use right away because it doesn’t need batteries.
Your Windows laptop needs to have the Nano Secure USB fingerprint reader plugged in. Start up the machine.
Click on Accounts in Windows and then click on Sign In Options. You should now be able to use Windows Hello Fingerprint, which wasn’t possible before.

Turn it on by hand if it’s not already on.

Sign in to your Google, Facebook, or Dropbox account and make sure that fingerprint security is turned on for those too!
nano safe

Help with Customers

This great biometric protection device for end users was made by Hyperstech. Call the customer service team at +44 20 3808 9234 or email them at care@urpurchase.com if you have problems or ideas.

Review of NanoSecure by real customers

We’re always interested in reading the real NanoSecure reviews on the web. The study was done for you by our team, and there are results.

“I’m always interested in new technologies like biometric readers. I have a lot of them from different types. But Nano Secure is the best of the bunch. I bought a three-pack, and now all of my devices are safe from unauthorized entry!”

Hi Robbie

“I thought that someone was using my laptop at home while I was at work.” I still don’t know who it is, but Nano Secure keeps me safe. No one else can turn on my laptop now that I keep the device on myself!”

Hi Katie

“I was worried about setting it up.” To be honest, I’m not very good with computers, but I like the idea of keeping my laptop safe. I was shocked that I didn’t have to do anything. It starts to work right away.

Dear Jannet

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In conclusion

One of the most important rights in the digital age is the right to safety and privacy. We know how mad you are when someone else uses your laptop or PC without your permission. But no longer. Get NanoSecure for 50% off and keep your privacy safe all the time, even when you’re not there!

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