In a world that depends more and more on energy, even a short power outage can make our lives difficult. The Patriot Power Sidekick is a portable solar generator that promises power in case of a disaster and adventures away from the power grid. But before you rush to the “buy” button with your wallet, let’s find out if the Sidekick lives up to the hype.

Power on the Go:

In terms of size, the Sidekick is small (about the size of a toaster) and light (about 8 pounds). This makes it great for throwing in your car for camping trips, football games, or even movie nights in the backyard. Plus, the solar screen that comes with it lets you charge it using free energy from the sun, which is great for people who care about the environment.

Patriot Power Sidekick Reviews [Critical Warnings Alert] Read Consumer  Reports & Benefits?

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What Can It Drive?

There are 300 watts of power in the Sidekick, which is more than enough to charge phones, laptops, and small tools. But it’s very important to keep your goals in check. It’s not a good idea to run high-wattage appliances like power tools or freezers.

Charging Options and How to Use It:

There are several ways to charge the Sidekick, such as through AC outlets, USB ports, and a DC output. You can charge a lot of different gadgets with this. It’s easy to use the Sidekick because it comes pre-charged and has a simple design.

4Patriots Patriot Power Sidekick Solar Generator, 300wH Portable Power  Station with 40 Watt Solar Panel, AC Fast Charging in 5 Hours, Dual 110V AC  Outlets, Only 8 Lbs -

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What We Think: A Niche Power Solution

The Patriot Power Sidekick is made for a certain group of people. The Sidekick can be useful if you need a small, portable power source for emergencies or short trips away from the grid to keep your important electronics going. But if you need a lot of extra power for your home during power outages or just want a power bank to charge your phone every day, you might be better off with something else.

Do you think the Patriot Power Sidekick is right for you? Before making a choice, think about how much power you need and your cash. The Sidekick is an easy and environmentally friendly way for outdoorsy people and preppers to stay charged while they’re on the go.

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