People who like to eat plant-based foods may find it hard to use meal delivery services. Purple Carrot is different because it serves only vegan food that combines new flavours and makes standard dishes vegan.

Purple Carrot also makes it easier than ever to plan tasty, healthy, plant-based meals with ready-made meals and meal kits to choose from.

Find out more about this service in this piece, which talks about how it works, who should try it, and what our tester thought after a week of eating Purple Carrot.


Our tester gave Purple Carrot scores from 0 to 5 in 9 different areas. The scores show how each area was rated on average.

Pros: they have a rotating menu of vegan main dishes, a range of snacks and add-ons, use seasonal ingredients to make your diet more interesting, come up with creative flavour combinations, and they have both meal kits and fully prepared meals.

Cons: It might not be good for people with certain food issues or dietary restrictions
Some meals use conventional produce, which isn’t great for people who like to eat organic and might not be great for bigger families or homes.

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What does Purple Carrot mean?

Purple Carrot specialises in making tasty and healthy plant-based meals that make meal prep easier. Fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, herbs, spices, and sauces are just some of the fresh, high-quality ingredients that are used in all meals.

You can choose from up to 12 dinner recipes each week. The recipes are made with fresh, pre-measured ingredients, mostly organic non-food things like tofu and beans. You can make your own unique menu by adding different lunches, breakfasts, and snacks for an extra fee.

There are eight single-serve choices for prepared meals that you can choose from through the service. All of them are delivered chilled and ready to reheat and enjoy.

You can order more than just meals and snacks. Add-ons include dried fruit, nut and seed mixes, and kitchen staples like pistachio nut milk, seed crackers, and instant cup-of-lentils. You can also get desserts.

Each serving of most meals has between 500 and 800 calories, and the service marks the recipes as high protein, low calorie, gluten-free, and nut-free. This makes it easy to choose meals if you have certain food tastes or dietary restrictions.

Purple Carrot says that most of its non-food things are organic. These include tofu, beans, nut milk, and tempeh. The business says it wants to sell organic fruits and veggies that don’t have any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on them. However, these choices are sometimes restricted by shipping costs and stock levels.

Each recipe has a nutrition list, a list of all the ingredients, and a note about whether the meals are gluten-free, high in protein, or free of nuts. People who are allergic to or intolerant to certain foods may find this helpful. Still, the food is made in a place that also works with nuts, wheat, and gluten, which are allergens. That means people with serious food allergies might not be able to eat it.

To make sure that orders stay cool during shipping and arrive fresh, they are covered in insulated liners and ice packs.

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Purple Carrot meal

Purple Carrot has a weekly menu that changes and includes both food kits and ready-to-eat meals. Plan to plan, the number of recipes changes. The 2-serving meal kit plan, for example, has 8 food items to choose from, while the 4-serving plan usually has fewer.

Here are some examples of recipes:

  • Romesco Bowl for Grains
  • Bowl of Smoky Peach and Farro
  • Portobello tacos with smoke
  • General Tso’s Peanut Noodles with Tofu and Cream
  • On the other hand, ready-made foods come in separate servings and cost $13 each. Here are some examples of ready-to-eat meals:
  • Popcorn with pesto and Indian “butter” tofu Italian pasta bowl West African peanut stew

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  • How it works

If you decide to try Purple Carrot, the first thing you need to do is choose which type of plan you want: meal kits or ready-to-eat foods.

You’ll also have to choose how big your orders are. Meal kits come with two or four plates, which is two to four dinners a week. You can order 6, 8, or 10 dinners a week. Each prepared meal is made for one person.

You’ll be asked to choose your favourite delivery day after you choose your plan.

Once you’re signed up, you can see the meals for the next 4 weeks. With this, it’s simple to change meals or skip weeks to fit your needs and tastes.

The online customer portal for Purple Carrot also makes it easy to skip weeks, cancel your contract, or stop deliveries for up to 10 weeks. Any changes must be made by Tuesday of the week before your next delivery.

How much does Purple Carrot cost?

  • Prices at Purple Carrot change based on how many plates you choose and which meals you choose.
  • There are 2 or 4 serving dinner kits, and the prices start at $11 per dish.
  • Each breakfast recipe makes four serves and costs $4.50 each.
  • You can also pick from two lunch recipes a week, each of which makes two serves and costs $9 per serving.
  • The service also offers meals that are already made and priced at $13 per serving.
  • Prices for ready-made snacks run from $3.50 to $15.99.
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How to make a Purple Carrot New England Lobster Roll and what you need

Purple Carrot made a New England Lobster Roll. Kelli McGrane, MS, RD, nutrition writer for Healthline, tried Purple Carrot and liked the taste and how easy it was to use.

  • She tried three recipes, such as
  • “Lobster” Rolls from New England
  • Romesco Bowls for Grains
  • Almond “butter” with a kick Buns with red pepper and bok choy

“I liked the tastes and textures of all the food I tried, and I loved how the service showed me new flavour combinations and ingredients (or ways to use ingredients).”

— Kelli McGrane, nutrition writer for Healthline

Here are some more things Kelli thought about Purple Carrot:

Packaging: All the materials she needed were in the order, and they were grouped together by recipe. She says that her order came with a small recipe guide instead of the individual recipe cards that some other meal kits come with.

She said, “I like the booklet better because you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong recipe card.” “Plus, Purple Carrot gives you a mini-cookbook that you can use to make other plant-based meals on your own.”

Making: It was simple to make all of the meals. “Each recipe except one didn’t make a huge mess of dishes that I had to clean up afterward.”

Taste: Kelli liked how the different meal kits she tried had different mixes of flavours. One recipe she liked was the New England Lobster Rolls, which didn’t have lobster meat but did have heart of palm instead.

“Having eaten many lobster rolls before, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the taste and texture matched up. It was exactly what you’d expect from this classic New England dish.”

“I also tried the Romesco Grain Bowls, which had butter beans and pan-roasted mushrooms.” Once more, I thought the dish was packed full of flavour, and I liked how the different tastes worked together.

In the end, Kelli says she would suggest Purple Carrot to people who are vegetarian, vegan, or just trying to eat more plant-based foods. She thought Purple Carrot’s recipes were some of the most original of any meal kit she had tried, and she loved how the service helped her try new foods and flavours.

How it stacks up

There are a few companies that serve meals that make it easy to eat plant-based meals at home. Check out how Purple Carrot stacks up against Sunbasket, Daily Harvest, and HelloFresh.

  • Daily Harvest, Purple Carrot, and HelloFresh all charge more than $11 per serving for food kits.
  • $13 per serving for ready-made mealsready-to-bake meals cost $9.99 or more per dish
  • Meal kits cost more than $11.49 per serving$7 to $10 a plateOver $8.99 a serving

Options for customisationChanging menu every weekChanging menu every weekChoose from the full menu to make your weekly box.Changing menu every week

Options for subscriptionEvery week, subscribers get two to four meal kits or six to ten ready-made meals. Every week, subscribers get two to five meal kits or four to ten oven-ready meals.9–24 things per week are included in the subscription.You get two to six meal kits a week with your membership.

Quality of ingredients: some organic products, even things that aren’t fruits or vegetables99% organic materials used95% of the food is organicfew healthy ingredients
Focus on dietThere are choices that are high in protein, low in calories, gluten-free, and nut-free, and everything is vegan.You can choose from vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, low-carb, pescatarian, diabetes-friendly, andMediterranean choices.All of the food is vegan and gluten-free, and there are choices for vegetarians, Mediterranean eaters, pescatarians, and people watching their weight.

Being Availablecontinental U.S.: most of the continental U.S., minus Montana, North Dakota, and some parts of New Mexico95% of the mainland U.S. and some zip codes in Hawaii and Alaska

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Who should use Purple Carrot?

If you want to switch to a more plant-based diet and learn how to make fresh, healthy meals at home, Purple Carrot is a great choice. It can also be a good choice if you want to try new and interesting ingredients, like fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices that are in season that you might not normally use.

Meal kits, on the other hand, only come with a few options for lunch and breakfast, so it might be hard for bigger families or people who want to eat even more plant-based meals every week.

Purple Carrot’s ready-to-eat meals come in single sizes, so they’re best for one person.

  • Questions people often ask
  • Is Purple Carrot food good for you?
  • Is Purple Carrot simple to stop?
  • Do Purple Carrot meals have a lot of salt?

Takeaway: Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that sends you meal kits with pre-measured items that you cook according to a recipe. They also send you meals that are already made.

It changes its menu every week and has meals that are both healthy and tasty.

You might like the service if you want to switch to a plant-based diet and eat more home-cooked foods. It might not be the best for people who only or mostly eat pure food or who have to follow certain dietary rules.

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