An electric rat trap like the Qinux Voltrat 700 works well, is clean, and is safe. It doesn’t need any wires to work, and it only uses electricity when a rat falls inside and is brutally shocked. It’s a safer and cleaner way to get rid of bugs.

It’s an electric rat trap. How does it work?

The way it works is very simple. Food is put into the allowed container to get the rodent to go inside. When the animal walks into the Qinux Voltrat 700 trap, its weight closes the gate and sets off an electric shock that kills the pest right away.

The Qinux Voltrat 700 rat trap is a better way to get rid of pests.

Review and thoughts on the Qinux Voltrat 700

If mice or rats got into your home, you should not use poisons because they can hurt kids, pets, or people. The Qinux Voltrat 700 electric rat trap gets rid of this kind of risk because it doesn’t leave behind any harmful chemicals.
Its case is also current-proof, which means it won’t shock you when you handle it, and it has a safety lock that keeps your hand out.

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How the Qinux Voltrat 700 electric rat trap works and what its pros are

If there are kids or pets in the house, you should be very careful right away. Put the device somewhere out of reach at all times.
You can use it with the power cord or with 4 D batteries (not included) that can be charged from the gadget.

  • Ideal for catching and killing all kinds of mice or birds that are being a bother.
  • It works really well and is easy to put together and get ready.
  • When you catch an animal, if there is no electricity going through it, it stays inside.
  • 7000 Volt discharge that kills the rodent fast, so it doesn’t have to go through as much pain as with other traps.
  • It is closed so that you can’t get a discharge by mistake and is free of poisons and other harmful substances.
  • Ideal for homes in the country, areas with crops, and other places that might have pests.
  • When taking out the animal from the removable box, it’s best to wear gloves and move the animal first to make sure it’s dead.
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  • If you live in the country, we also suggest Treva, the insect-repellent fan, for your country trips.
  • You have 14 days to return anything without any hassle if you’re not happy with it.

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This is our last review of the Qinux Voltrat 700 electric pest trap.

This is a very strong device that kills mice and other animals in a more stylish way than regular traps. Children should still be careful with it, but it is safer than poison.

What the person who wrote the review of the Qinux Voltrat 700 rat trap thinks and why

We had some mice in the country house a few years ago. Last but not least, we chose to kill them with sticky paper, which was a pain. The animals were hurt, and even though they were rats, it made me feel bad. I think this is a little less mean.

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