Smart lights are the most well-known smart gadget, and for good reason. With smart lights, you can control your lights from your phone, a voice assistant, or a home automation system. You can change the colour and brightness of your Smart Lights at any time with these systems.

These are the most popular questions people have about Smart Lights.

What Does A Light Do?

It might look like a simple question, but it’s not really that easy. When you talk about your house, a “light” can mean a lot of different things because the word “light” can be used for anything that gives off light of any colour, intensity, or shape.

Just that meaning could mean a lot of different things. A light, on the other hand, usually refers to a light bulb or a light source. A light is also usually controlled by a wall switch or a lamp.

What does a smart light do?

Smart lights are known by many names. Smart Light is also known as Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Light Strips, Smart LEDs, Smart Light Bars, Smart Light Panels, Smart Light Squares, Smart Light Triangles, Smart Lighting, and many more. The names of smart lights are also a little different based on where the light comes from, how it comes from, and what it looks like.

Like the word “light,” “Smart Light” is hard to pin down because it can mean a lot of different things in your home. In any case, “Smart Lights” usually refer to a group of smart gadgets whose main job is to give off light.

Also, remember that we’re not talking about the Smart Light Switch that you can install in your wall. What a different smart device that is.

What about these lights makes them smart? Well, it turns out that these gadgets are smart because of just one thing. That feature is just the ability to use your phone or a voice assistant to control the light from afar. You can connect Smart Lights to the internet in a number of different ways for this feature to work, though.

Smart lights are the most common type of smart device on the market right now. They’re also the first thing people buy when they want to make their home better. They are also the most important type of smart gadgets because of what they can do on their own. Besides being cheap, smart lights are also one of the easiest smart gadgets to set up.

But don’t buy any Smart Light that you see. It’s a good idea to first learn about the different things that Smart Lights can do. It’s helpful to know what you want to do with Smart Lights before you buy them, just like with any other smart gadget. Otherwise, you’ll just have Smart Light boxes that sit on your shelf and gather dust. At least this was true for my dad when he bought something new.

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How does a smart light work?

Not every smart light is the same. There are some things that all Smart Lights have and some things that are so special to one brand that you can only find them with that brand. Let’s get started to learn more about your choices.

On or Off

A Smart Light should at least be able to turn on and off. But before you think this is obvious, keep in mind the most important thing that makes a light smart. It’s all about being able to access and direct your light from afar. You can use voice assistants or remote systems like your smartphone to turn on and off your smart lights without having to do it yourself.

This is the only thing some Smart Lights may have to offer. The best thing about a Smart Light Bulb that only has this one function is that it’s not too expensive. This feature is all you’d need if all you want to do is control a light from a distance, which I agree is very useful, especially if you don’t want to go up and down stairs.

A dimming

Dimming means that you can change how bright a Smart Light Bulb is. This is something that a lot of Smart Lights have, and it doesn’t usually cost too much extra.

Just be careful: don’t use a Dimmer Switch with a Smart Light. These two smart machines hate each other very much.

The colour

A lot of colours can be seen in smart lights.

One thing that really sets Smart Lights apart from normal lights is that you can change the colour of a Smart Light Bulb. Colour is also the main reason why most people want Smart Lights in the first place. And for a good reason. My Smart Lights let me change the mood in my house at different times of the day. It makes a big difference what time of day it is—reading time, movie time, or anything else.

You can change the colour of your Smart Lights to any shade you can think of using your phone or voice assistant. Any is what I mean. It’s crazy how many colour choices Voice Assistants can handle. There are a lot more than just red, blue, and yellow.

However, one big problem with this function is that not all Smart Lights can show the same range of colours. Voice assistants can also handle names for different colours. Because of these two factors, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t for your Smart Light.

You don’t have to keep thinking because I’ve already put all the colours that each Voice Assistant supports into groups. Read the lists below to find out more.

  • Alexa Shades
  • Siri Shades
  • Colours for Google Assistant
  • For Sale

Aside from the first two features, this is where Smart Lights really shine compared to regular lights. Custom means that you can change how your Smart Light Bulb works. Customization is possible if you pick the right company and brand of Smart Lights.

Philips Hue, the biggest and most well-known brand of smart lights, for example, lets you add a lot of different features to your lights just the way you want them. One of my favourites is called Hue Sync. Because of this feature, your lights can change colour based on what’s on TV. In this case, if the background of your TV show is mostly purple, your Smart Lights will also turn purple.

Also, smart lights can be made in different ways.

Nanoleaf is a different type of smart lights. These Smart Bulbs are made by a company that doesn’t use the more common bulb shape. Instead, they use circles and square panels. Though these forms are cool, what you can do with them is even cooler. Such as, you can set the lights to instantly change colours and patterns. This is a lot of fun to play around with, especially when you have people over.

You can expect the above companies and their own customisations with this feature, among other things. I really think you should spend more time exploring the different ways you can customise your Smart Lights before choosing one.

Automating your home

You can control your smart lights from afar with a voice assistant or your smartphone. This is just the beginning of making your lights smart. Home Automation is what makes smart home technology so powerful.

With home automation, you can set up “Rules” for your smart lights, which are like “If This, Then That” designs. These Rules are mostly different and are meant to make your daily life even easier. Rules can be set up to do things like turn on the lights immediately when you walk in the door or every night when the sun goes down.

I set up my Smart Lights to blink when the kitchen timer goes off, which is another one of my favourite automations. I can tell dinner is ready when my lights blink from anywhere in the house, even if I can’t hear the timer.


How much are Smart Lights?

Before buying Smart Lights for your home, you might want to check out other smart devices, such as plugs and switches, that could work just as well. After all, these other Smart Light options might work better for you and cost less, based on what you want from them.

So, if you’re set on getting Smart Lights, be ready for a shock when you see how much they cost. When you add the five functions listed above, the price goes up by a lot.

You can expect to pay between $10 and $15 per Smart Light Bulb for ones that only have the On/Off and Dimming features. This might not seem like a huge financial hit at first, but when you think about furnishing a whole room or your whole house, the costs add up. After all, think about how many lights you use every day or in your home. You’ll have to pay more than $100 for just basic features if the answer is more than a handful. It’s cheaper to buy a lot of Smart Lights, and it’s easy to find a lot of different brands that sell them in sets of four.

If you want a smart light bulb with a more advanced feature, like colour, the price will likely double to $20 to $30 per bulb. Like before, you should wait for bundle deals and big prices. Smart Lights with colour features often go on sale, which is good news, especially around the holidays.

Custom Smart Lights are not at all the same. The prices are all over the place because the unique features you get depend on the brand you pick. For example, the Nanoleaf Light Panels shown above cost a lot. A pack of 15 Smart Light Bulbs, which is what the company calls panels, starts at $300.

Also, keep in mind that some Smart Lights need a hub to join to your network and work. This hub costs between $40 and $70, which is another cost you may have to think about up front when you buy Smart Lights.

How do I set up my Smart Light?

  • Luckily, it’s easy to set up Smart Lights. To put in your new Smart Light Bulb, just unscrew the old one and then screw it in.
  • Setting up your Smart Lights on your network is the harder part that people often forget about.
  • How does a wall switch work with a smart light?
  • Not good. The wall switch is smart lights’ worst enemy.
  • Should I get smart switches or lights?

You should buy Smart Switches and Smart Plugs instead, unless you need more advanced functions like colour control. Of all the smart things in your home, these two last longer and work better with other things.

How do I set up Smart Lights?

You’ll need a Smartphone at the very least. But really, you need a Voice Assistant like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to get the most out of your Smart Lights.

Some smart lights, like Philips Hue lights, need something extra to connect to your network. This is called a hub. Others, like LIFX, only need WiFi to work, though.

What does a smart LED bulb do?

It’s also true that most Smart Lights are LED lights. “LED” is a brand name for a certain kind of light bulb, but it doesn’t really mean “smart.” These five things are what make your lights really smart.

There are also Smart Light Bulbs that aren’t LED, like light bulbs from the past.

What do WiFi light bulbs do?

WiFi is the type of network link that Smart Lights use to connect to your home network. If your smart light bulb works with WiFi instead of ZWave, you won’t need to buy a hub.

There are some cons to WiFi Smart Lights, though, especially if you have a lot of them in your home.

Can Smart Bulbs be used in lamps?

They do, but I think you’ll have some of the same issues that other people who use Smart Lights and Wall Switches do.

Safety and Privacy

It’s important to note, even if only quickly, that security is an important part of all smart devices, not just Smart Lights. Keeping all of these things safe while they’re tied to your home network and the internet is a big worry. Too many devices on the market today don’t have good security. This makes it easy for attackers to get into your new device and home network and use them for their own needs. You can read more about this at Smart Home Security.

Before you buy any smart device, it’s a good idea to check the brand’s history to make sure there haven’t been any recent security problems.

In short

For most people, replacing their old light bulbs is the first thing they do when they want to make their home smart. Most standard lights are turned on and off by a wall or lamp switch. Smart lights, on the other hand, can be controlled and accessed from afar. People no longer trip and fall down their stairs to turn off the porch light. Now that there are Smart Lights, you can turn off the same light with your voice or your phone.

Right now, this is just one of five features that Smart Lights have that can make your life easier. Smart lights can do a lot more than just lower the light to set the mood. They can also change the colour of the light without changing its brightness.

Besides that, Smart Lights are the simplest and least expensive smart gadgets to set up, and they have the most value on their own. Don’t look any further if you want to take the leap. Putting in Smart Lights instead of regular lights is an easy way to make your home better.

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