Some sellers of the StopWatt say that it can help you save money on your power bill by lowering the amount of energy you use.

Here’s a more in-depth look at StopWatt.

We check out how these kinds of goods are said to work, look for red flags with the seller, and read what real customers have to say.

The seller of StopWatt says

For a few years now, people have been selling these “energy-saving” gadgets. The people who sell them make a lot of claims that seem “too good to be true,” like saying that customers will save “up to 47% off their power bill.”

StopWatt’s ads use a lot of technical terms and graphs of electric currents to make you think they are a really cutting edge tech company offering a useful product.

People who don’t know better are led to think that they need the StopWatt to protect them from “dirty electricity,” keep their electronics from getting damaged by electricity, and lower their electricity bills.

Most people wouldn’t be able to tell if these devices are working or not because power use changes with the seasons.

Other claims the seller makes about the StopWatt, like that it filters “dirty electricity,” are hard for the average user to either prove or disprove.

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In what way does StopWatt say it works?

At its core, the language used to promote StopWatt takes real electrical engineering terms out of their proper context and applies them to a home setting, where they don’t normally belong.

They say things like “On The Spot Reactive Power Compensation.”

To keep things simple, the electricity in your home has two kinds of power: real power and reactive power.

Real power, which is defined in watts and, on a home power meter, in kilowatt hours (kWh), is the power that is doing work.

Reactive power doesn’t do any work but is needed for loads that use induction. It moves back and forth between the source and the load. Volt-amperes reactive (VARs) are used to measure it.

The total power is the sum of these two kinds of power.

Because of how it works, reactive power can sometimes make the power grid work too hard. This is why power companies charge business customers extra for reacting power.

Because of these fees, big users like factories are more likely to look for ways to fix reactive power, which can include putting in capacitor banks.

This is also known as power factor adjustment, which is another idea in electrical engineering that people who sell things like the StopWatt sometimes talk about.

StopWatt is said to be able to do this on a home level.

What is false, though, is the claim that home customers do not have to pay for reactive power. You only pay for the kilowatt-hours that you use.

If the StopWatt really did work as claimed, it wouldn’t change your electric price if you’re a normal home user.

There are a lot of comments from power companies about these kinds of devices saying that nothing you plug in will lower your power bill.

Stop Watt warning signs

Besides questionable claims and deceptive advertising, we’ve found some other problems with the seller.

There is no physical address. When we looked for the seller’s address, we found a UPS shop.

The StopWatt seller is not telling the truth when they say that this is a new or innovative tech product. It also has nothing to do with Elon Musk.

A lot of these kinds of devices are sold in bulk for a lot less than the StopWatt. The seller just puts their name on the product and sells it again for more money.

Generic Energy Saving Device that works the same way as the StopWatt

(A generic energy-saving box on that is the same as the StopWatt but costs a lot less)

An old scam with a new twist – We’ve looked at products that are almost exactly the same as the StopWatt. They were called Pro Power Save and MiracleWatt, and customers didn’t like either of them.

These other items had ads that looked a lot like the StopWatt’s, so it’s likely that they are sold by the same person.

ad for a product that is the same as the StopWattad for a product that is the same as the StopWatt

(This is the same ad as the StopWatt, but the name has been changed, probably because too many bad reviews)

Help with customers has an email address ( and a phone number (877) 636-6738.

Some customers have said that they only answer emails.

The website says that you have 90 days to get your money back. But you’ll need to call the company to get more information on how to start the refund.

Customer feedback and complaints

  • We found reviews that were not positive about StopWatt. Customers were complaining about:
  • Being billed too much
  • Having trouble getting in touch with customer service
  • The product isn’t working.
  • From what we know about the past of these kinds of goods, a lot of customers will be unhappy with them.

In the end

We do not think it is a good idea to buy the StopWatt or any other “electricity bill saving” box online.

There are a lot of reviews on Reviewopedia from electricians, engineers, and other experts who say these gadgets can’t possibly do anything useful.

Also, there are hundreds of reviews from real people who bought devices like the StopWatt but didn’t see a drop in their power bills.

Lastly, the seller hides where they are and makes it hard to get in touch with them on purpose so they can’t give returns.

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