When NASA planned to send people to the moon. They had to do a huge number of difficult tasks in order for their goal to go smoothly and safely. One of their jobs was to figure out how to keep pilots from dying of cold shock when they landed on the moon’s surface, which was -208 degrees Fahrenheit. This amount of cold is so unbearable that it’s not even possible on Earth.

Their answer was easy to understand: warmed clothes.

At the time, what they came up with was very cutting edge. On the other hand, it was very simple, heavy, and broken, and it couldn’t be used on earth.

Based on the same NASA technology, it finally took more than 50 years to make heated clothes that was useful, light, stylish, and affordable for everyone.

These days, one company has put them all together so people can stay warm at home, at work, or anywhere else. Not only can they stay warm in the cold, but they can also stay warm in the rain, wind, and snow without having to wear much.

You won’t think twice about going outside on a cold day because of this new secret weapon to fight cold.

Usually, you need to wear three or more layers of clothes and coats to stay warm when it’s really cold, like down to your bones. And you might still be cold, stiff, and unhappy after that.

This brand-new, space-age VolteX Heated Vest is a cool piece of wearing tech that keeps you warm and cosy in the coldest weather. Since it’s close to your body, right around your core, you can turn up the heat when it gets cold to keep the cold out.

It works well and is comfy, with high-quality materials and cutting-edge electric heating pads that get very warm. With its protective layer, it keeps 99% of the heat it makes inside.

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The VolteX Heated Vest keeps you warm when it’s cold outside.

Because it is made of 100% cotton quilting, the VolteX Heated Vest is sure to be the warmest and smallest jacket you’ve ever worn. There are also 8 built-in heating pads in the front, back, and neck of the vest. These heat up in just 3 seconds and spread warmth all over the body.

It has an 8-hour battery life and can be charged via USB, so you can always charge it when you need to, even when you’re out and about. There is also a separate pocket for an extra power pack.

The strong cloth doesn’t get wet or blow away in the wind, and it looks and feels great. Its stretchy, flexible fit keeps the heat close to your body so you can layer comfortably. You can wear it over or under coats and sweaters.

Also, the heating screens are 30% bigger than those on other new models on the market. For total body warmth, the very thin carbon fibre heating elements send heat to the collar, back, shoulders, and core. Plus, with the push of a button, you can change the temperature to High, Medium, or Low.

It gets hot quickly and can be used for up to eight hours on a single charge.

Pro mountain climbers and other outdoor athletes have worn and tried the VolteX Heated Vest in the coldest and roughest conditions. In contrast to other gadgets, it will always work, even when it’s cold outside. Here are a few quick facts about this high-tech warm vest:

✅ Easy to clean and light It’s made of Lycra and memory cotton, which are both soft, long-lasting, and lightweight. It keeps your body warm right where you need it most. You can wash it by hand or in a machine.

“Heat Tech” means that it has 8 parts with built-in heat pads that warm up quickly, help blood flow, and ease stiffness.

8 Heating Zones: 8 heating pads will warm you up to 60–65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit) in key body areas like the front and back waists on the left and right sides, the top backs on both sides, the mid-back and the back neck. This will raise your body temperature all over.

Temperature Can Be Changed Three Levels: The temperature can be changed three levels to meet your needs.

Sizes for both men and women: You can pick from different sizes.

People love to ski or snowboard, ice skate, hike, ride bikes, go shooting, go on boats, work or walk outside, or even work in a cold office building. It’s great for kids and people who want to stay warm in the cold without adding extra bulk.

  • Answers to Common Questions
  • How long does it take for the VolteX Heated Vest to get warm?
  • In three seconds, the vest gets hot.
  • How long does the WinterX Heated Vest’s battery last?
  • On a single charge, the vest can keep you warm for up to 6 to 8 hours.
  • Q: Can I wash the VolteX Heated Vest?
  • The vest can be washed in a machine.


In 2024, the VolteX Heated Vest was the best heat vest on the market. It’s very warm, comfortable, and long-lasting, and the price is amazingly low. You don’t want to miss this deal while the 50% price is still going on.

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